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Dear supporter,

Thank you, thank you, thank you … for contributing to our campaign to produce our multi-sensory reading videos. This message confirms that you received no goods or services from the Creative Education Institute for your contribution.

We hope you’re aware of the importance of our reading initiative with our partner, CEO Eric Gordon of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District.  Eric supports our reading concept because reading is such a serious problem in the Cleveland Schools and in many schools across the United States.

Eric Gordon, among others, acknowledges that our Richards Learning Systems® program will become an agent of change in the education field.  Teachers and students will learn our exciting RLS methods together and it’s cost-effective for the school districts.

Your contribution means a lot to us because it gets us that much closer to reaching our goal to produce and deliver a product to the Cleveland Schools that will become a literacy “game-changer.”


John Kusik
Creative Education Institute

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