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Richards Learning Systems® has successfully helped thousands of children and adults in its twenty-five year history in written form.  By adding videos, RLS will reach millions of children.  But we need your help!

Richards Learning Systems® (RLS) offers a different and distinctive concept to deliver its reading methods to children and teachers at the same time.  RLS is an easily-implemented, multi-sensory, systematic phonics program.  It blends a cost-effective and time-efficient teacher training program with a teachable and effective reading program for children.


“Our K-12 public schools perform poorly, relative to the rest of the First World…”

“There’s no correlation between education funding and student performance in America…”
— F.H. Buckley, New York Post (11.13.16)


The solution — Richards Learning Systems®!


There are 78 total videos in the Richards Learning Systems® series.  Each video costs $8,800 to make.  Your donation will help us create our engaging reading video series, which will transform literacy in the Cleveland schools.



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